Top Tips Merry Christmas

With Christmas parties approaching here are our top tips to having a very Merry Christmas with your workforce!

1. Invite everyone to the Christmas Party!

Remember to invite every member of staff including those who are currently absent for any reason.

2. Transport

If staff are drinking, ask them to arrange alternate transport home for example a taxi/lift/train.

3. Attendance the day after the night before

Remind your staff that normal rules apply with regards to attendance the day after your Christmas Party.

4. Standards of behaviour

Explain and elaborate your expectations of behaviour in advance and on the day of the Party; this can include discrimination and social media use.

5. Christmas Holidays policy

If your demand peaks in December then it can be beneficial to make sure everyone knows that leave requests/training may not be approved, this can be done through providing members of staff with a policy that can be referred to within their Staff Handbook.

6. Bad Weather policy

Make sure you have a policy in place about what will happen if someone can’t get into work, also it should state your expectations e.g. to work from home that day, ensure all emails are responded too etc.

7. Christmas Closure

Make sure all staff are aware that they are required to take holiday at that time.

8. Christmas Bonuses

Any bonus scheme should be clear and transparent.

9. Leave requests

Manage your leave requests fairly by asking them to be handed in at the earliest date possible.

10. Beliefs and Views

Remember not everyone shares the same views and beliefs therefore be considerate of this when bringing in cards and gifts.

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