With a focus on employees leaving their role in the New Year and tips to take the next step in their career, here’s our top tip to employer’s in order to secure a new starter in the New Year – Start planning your recruitment needs in 2016, and beyond. Therefore, with the New Year less than a month away it’s time to set yourself a resolution to be more proactive when it comes to planning your recruitment strategy; this will in turn only increase the quality of your recruitment process, but also the quality of your hire.

  1. Added Value – A good recruitment agency would help employers add value in the long term. This can be through occasionally contacting you and the successful candidate to get updates about their progress, how they are settling in to their new role, alongside offering additional services such as induction support and transition coaching.
  2. Industry Knowledge – A recruitment consultant should be the employer’s eyes and ears in the market place, they should be able to give you an overview of the industry they specialise in. This can be providing employer’s with an understanding for jobs advertised by competitors, trends in salaries or job packages. Such industry knowledge provides an insight which can only benefit your organisation by offering the right package to attract the best talent, within the timescales required.
  3. Cultural fit – Although skills, qualifications and experience are important, talent doesn’t always mean they fit in well amongst your current workforce therefore it is important to consider who will also be a good fit for your organisation. Good recruitment consultants will meet with you in person, most likely at your office to get a feel for the team and the workplace, this enables them to find an ideal candidate that will be able to transition into the role a lot quicker due to being a cultural fit.
  4. Employer brand – Your consultant can provide you with additional resources to ensure you promote your company as a great workplace, which will in turn attract high quality candidates. They can also provide you with advice on how you could make your business stand out another other employer’s; this can be through corporate social responsibility, job packages and additional benefits make your organisation more competitive.
  5. Wider reach – Good recruitment consultants don’t just use job boards to attract candidates, they also attend networking events to establish relationships with new candidates and communication over social media with a pool of candidates. They’ll be aware of talented candidates who are actively looking for similar roles in various locations, enabling them to reach candidates that may not be found through simply advertising a role via a job board.

Use the above top tips to ensure your recruitment process in 2016 is successful and consider the above points when using a recruitment agency on your behalf to recruit ideal candidates. Here at Aspire Cambridge we utilise all the above mechanism to ensure we Attract>Engage>Retain exceptional candidates to place with our clients.

If you would like to find out more about how we Attract>Engage>Retain, call the team at Aspire Cambridge today on 01223 855440; whether you’re looking for new vacancies, candidates or to retain your workforce, we’d love to talk to you.

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