We understand that at times your business needs instant access to top talent, however with a candidate-driven job market in 2015, this often means such candidates are fast to slip through your fingers therefore leading to hiring mistakes.

A bad hire can have a huge impact on your business therefore it is best to be thorough and take your time with the process. Here’s 5 examples of the top hiring mistakes, make sure you avoid them when hiring:

  1. Too specific or vague job description – If you make the job description too specific this could potentially send your ideal candidate away due to them not meeting your strict criteria, remember you are more likely to retain employees who you are willing to develop their skills set. On the other hand, a job description that is too vague can lead to an influx of applications, making your job a whole lot more difficult! Our advice is to set out the essential skills you require, alongside others than are less important and could be developed over time, describe these as ‘desirable, however not essential’.
  2. Making hiring decisions to quickly – We understand that if you have lost an employee you may be in need of someone to replace them quickly, however this can lead to more implications for your business than it is worth. Take time over your hiring process, your ideal candidate may not come along straight away therefore don’t just hire for the here and now, consider your businesses long term goals and wait for the candidate that will help you achieve them.
  3. Being inconsiderate of your company culture in the hiring process – Skills and experience are an essential aspect of the hiring process, but this does not necessarily mean they will fit-in or be suitable for your company’s culture. Consider their personality within the interview, are they likely to interact well with their colleagues? If not, even the most skilled and experienced candidate can result in a bad hire.
  4. Not obtaining a reference – A reference can be extremely beneficial to get an insight into how the candidate performs at work, this can allow you to develop a better understanding of your hire enabling you to make better hiring decisions. In some instances you may want to undertake a background check to ensure the candidates work history is correct.
  5. Hiring without a plan – Do you incorporate hiring into your strategic plan? If not, why not? If you want to achieve your objectives you need to know who to hire in order to achieve them. Furthermore, this can assist with your hiring process by thoughtfully considering whether the candidate will ingrain your company’s strategic plans within their work to ensure you achieve them, or will they hinder them by only working for their own benefit?

Now you know the 5 most common hiring mistake make sure you avoid them!

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