With the New Year approaching you may be sat at work watching the clock for the Christmas break to hurry up, however it may also be a time of reflection about what you wish to change in 2016 whether this be your lifestyle or of course your career. It is important when considering changes such as your job, to also consider the wider impact this will have (e.g. salary, location, adjustment period) and whether this will make you happier in the long term or end in regret.

Here are a couple of pointers to help you make the right decision if you are considering a career change in the New Year:

Love what you do!

If you find it difficult to get out of bed every morning then consider what it is about your job that makes you feel this way. If you believe that it is work pressure or your workload, then approach your Manager or Director about how you are feeling and see how they can help in order to make things easier for you and make your role more enjoyable. Employer’s do not want to lose employees therefore making them aware that you are unhappy and want an aspect of your role changed or in need of some extra support it is likely to be acted upon to ensure you stay with the company.

On the other hand, if they simply ignore what you have to say and respond with a ‘get on with it’ attitude, this could indicate that you will remain feeling dissatisfied within your role leading to a decrease in performance and could in turn lead to you being let go. Our advice in such a situation would be to start considering other career opinions, no one deserves to be unhappy or unappreciated in the workplace especially once you have made colleagues aware of your dissatisfaction.

The grass is always greener on the other side…

This time of year can have a significant impact on your motivation and morale. It may be that your businesses demand dips in the Winter season or could be your busiest time of the year, which could be the primary cause as to why you are feeling dissatisfied in the workplace.

It is therefore important to consider how you felt throughout the year; have you been feeling dissatisfied and unmotivated within your role for a long period of time or is it just short term as a result of the time of year? We recommend reading our blog post Boosting Office Morale During the Winter Months! to gain an understanding about how the Winter blues can affect your motivation and morale, and could in fact be the reason why you are considering a career change – Don’t make a hasty decision to leave and regret it later!

Get out of your comfort zone

Finding a new career is not an easy process alongside that of starting a new job, however don’t let this be the reason you stay in your current role. The best way to think about a career change is to view it as a new adventure in your life that has endless opportunities, consider it as an opportunity to achieve your goals. Although change is scary, it can only open up more doors for you to achieve your ambitions, this doesn’t mean of course that changing jobs doesn’t carry a degree of risk, but if you know your making the right decision then this is the time to stop second guessing yourself and time to clasp new opportunities with both hands!

If the best gift you can give yourself this Christmas is a career change get in contact with the Aspire Cambridge team, specialists in Commercial, IT, Technical & Engineering recruitment, who will help your Christmas wishes come true!

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