The Aspire Cambridge guide to finding a job through social media; including the best sites to use and how you can make your profiles look more attractive to employer’s!

Examples of social media platforms that are useful to use when job searching:

LinkedIn – A business-oriented social networking site, one of the best for job searching!

Twitter – Can interact with businesses, brands and issues, allowing you to show an interest in a career with them.

Facebook – Used regularly to promote vacancies via company Pages or dedicated Groups that advertise jobs in specific industries or geographical areas.

How to advertise yourself on social media…
  • LinkedIn Profile – This is probably the best platform to present yourself in the most professional manner, and to view it as your online CV as opposed to your typical social networking site. Make sure you have a professional photo; Taken in a place with good lighting and a clear background with yourself looking nicely presented as if you were to attend and interview at work. Use your profile to describe all your qualifications, skills and experience making yourself look as attractive to recruiters and employers as possible. It is good to update your profile regularly, to Connect and Follow the relevant people and companies that may benefit your job search.
  • Google + Page – Another way to be found for ‘keywords’, if you use your page correctly recruiters and employers can simply search specific candidates they are looking for, with specific skills and you are more likely to appear in their Google search. Also, the page itself does not require much maintenance therefore once set up best to just check it now and again.
  • Twitter Profile – Whilst you may only have 140 characters to post a Tweet, some of what you publish to the world you may not want to be seen by an employer. However, here’s an easy way to overcome this when job searching – Pinning a descriptive tweet to the top of your profile. This can be a selling point to a recruiter or employer looking at your profile, and it more likely to detract way from the other Tweets on your profile.
  • Facebook Privacy – Many believe their Facebook profile to be their most private social media platform of use, from your opinion on various world matters to a night out on the town, your Facebook profile can say A LOT about you. Therefore it is best when job searching to adjust your profile’s privacy settings to ensure that employer’s do not see something that could give the wrong impression…

If you still haven’t created your profiles on the above mentioned social media sites, it is now the time to do so! Be active on these platforms, connect with friends alongside those who will be beneficial to your job search and you will be well on your way to getting a job through the use of social media!

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