Got the new job jitters

After the honeymoon period of accepting and starting a new job, it is quite common for recruits to get the new job jitters and question whether they have made the right choice.

Being offered and accepting another job can be a very exciting time and naturally leads to a huge confidence boost from being in demand. It can also be enjoyable and a big relief to walk away from a role, company, colleagues or workload that may have been making you unhappy and are ready to start a brand new challenge.

However, after the initial induction and getting to know new colleagues and becoming familiar with processes, key projects and customers, the `new job jitters` can start to set in. This is particularly true if you have worked with your previous employer for a long time and have left some good friends and familiarity behind.


Key questions and concerns that you might be having are:

Have I made the right choice? I still feel really out of my comfort zone
– The culture is different here to what I am used to or expected – will I ever really fit in?
– The people here are very different to my old work friends. Who can I become friends / allies with?
– Some aspects of the job are different to how I thought they would be – I`m not sure if I like it as much as I thought I would?


Our advice? Whatever you do, do not make any rash decisions. Change can be hard to adapt to and it usually takes a good six months to really bed into a role and company so unless you have grave concerns (eg staff not getting paid, unethical behaviour etc) then try to get to the six month point before making any major decisions.


Here are our top tips on how to handle the new job jitters:

1. Get up early – leave yourself plenty of time to get to work so you get every day off to a good start

2. Overcome your nerves by focusing on the key tasks of your job in hand – success breeds success, so the quicker you can start delivering the more positive you will feel

3. Write a list of everything you have learnt so far and set mini goals so you can tick them off – remember you are on a learning curve

4. Build friendships with your new colleagues – look for opportunities to get to know people away from the work environment, eg walking with others to get some lunch, going out on a team night out

5. Think and remind yourself of other times in your life when you have started something new, were unsure at first but then settled in fine

6. Organise your desk well and so it feels comfortable and familiar

7. Maintain your normal home life routine – adjusting to your new job is a big change so keeping to some aspects of your normal routine like meeting friends and attending the gym will help


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