In 2015 we have seen an extremely candidate-driven job market, this is increasing your competition in finding and retaining top talent, especially in such industries as the IT, Technical and Engineering, which are as a result pushing permanent salaries up. However, there is a solution you’ll be happy to hear – hiring contractors!

“Contractors offer great advanced skill and instant support whether you are expanding or need to fill a gap urgently.” Lee Margerum, Divisional Manager – IT, Technical & Engineering.

The benefits of hiring contractors:Untitled design (36)

  • Provides you with staffing flexibility meaning you can hire a contractor to meet expected increases in demand or on a project basis, without the need to keep them beyond these periods.
  • They can save you money. Although contractors usually get paid more per job or hour/day, it is likely that the overall hiring cost will be reduced as there are no long term commitments to pay a salary or additional benefits, especially at a time where salaries have significantly increased for permanent staff within these industries.
  • Usually specialists in their field. It is therefore unlikely the contractor will require any training as they will have the specialised skill-set required.

Our specialist IT, Technical and Engineering Recruitment Consultants possess the necessary skills, experience and dedication to deliver your recruitment needs. Through attracting and engaging with our top talent we can ensure your business needs will be met with the highest quality candidate. Examples of the roles we recruit contractors for include; Embedded Software Engineers, Test Engineers, Software Developers through to Directors.

The success of our division has been as a result of our commitment to providing responsive, honest, transparent and practical solutions to organisations in the IT, Technical and Engineering sector; whether on a contract or permanent basis.

Aspire Cambridge are recognised as an independent leading provider of IT, Technical & Engineering recruitment solutions. We offer extensive experience and knowledge, an unrivaled level of service and have formed long standing relationships with companies that span a wide range of sectors. We have been selected and retained with internal recruitment seats and preferred suppliers to come of the largest organisations in the world.

With proven experience and successful appointments in the UK, America, Europe and the Middle East our recruitment service will offer genuine value to your organisation.

If you are looking for the ideal IT, Technical & Engineering candidate to join your team, we’d love to hear from you on 01223 855440.

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