Top 10 ways to be a dream boss

Do you have a fantastic boss or are you a superb manager yourself? Working for a really good manager can make a huge difference to how an employee feels about their job. There’s no denying that many of us think there is room for improvement … so what are the key things offered that make all the difference?

HR Grapevine (28th August 2015) recently reported on a survey conducted by on the 25 top attributes of a dream boss. We have combined all 25 into ten topics to share with you below:

Top 10 ways to be a dream boss


  1. Birthdays: Giving birthdays off / a voucher on your birthday


  1. Flexibility: Leaving early on a Friday, allowing flexible working hours and letting people work from home, a year of paid parental leave for new mums and dads


  1. Health: A free gym membership, providing a nap room


  1. Food and drinks: A constant supply of office sweets, vending machines with free drinks and snacks, bringing in donuts, a weekly fruit delivery, providing a fancy coffee maker


  1. Christmas: Time off around Christmas, a decent Christmas party


  1. Team activities: Team spa days, treating the team to lunch, buying the team a round on a Friday, yoga breaks, taking employees on a cocktail masterclass


  1. Freebies: Tickets to see sports, free magazines


  1. Training: Extra training courses


  1. Technology: Not banning social media, smartphones all round


  1. Cars: Brand new company cars


What are the benefits for the company?

There are many benefits for companies of having great leaders in their teams, including increased motivation, productivity and staff attraction and retention. A great leader will guide and give direction but allow their team space to deliver in their own way, praising and rewarding outstanding performance.

The extra treats and benefits that a manager chooses to give their team should very much take into account the wants and needs of each individual; they need to be motivational for everyone in the team, ie giving out tickets for sporting events and drinks after work on a Friday are not motivational for people who do not like sport and have family commitments so have to leave on time on Fridays. This could mean offering different thing to different people, but this needs to be handled carefully to avoid causing conflict.


How can Aspire Cambridge HR Services help you to deliver great leadership?

Developing great leadership within an organisation cannot happen overnight and requires the commitment of the full senior team. Aspire Cambridge HR Services offer consultancy support on an adhoc or ongoing basis on all aspects of HR, including management training and staff benefits, helping organisations to build and retain phenomenal teams to drive growth.

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