How to negotiate the best salary

For the majority of us, one of the main reasons we go to work is to earn money, yet we often make some key mistakes in negotiating the best salary package.

There are of course lots of other really important factors that have a huge impact on the job we choose and how long we stay with a business, such as company culture, industry, opportunities and internal relationships. However, getting the right salary package will have a big effect on long term motivation.

A good recruitment agency like Aspire Cambridge, will always ask a candidate what their salary expectations are from the start to ensure that client and candidate time is not wasted on unsuitable roles.

Here are our top tips to ensure you negotiate the best salary package for you:
  1. Be honest about what you want – tell your recruiter the salary band that you would accept. Do not be tempted to go lower; ask yourself what is the lowest figure you would accept if offered the job. If you are looking at more than one role, be clear on what you would expect for each role.
  2. Know your market value – it is easy these days to use the internet to assess the average salary for the roles you are considering in your region.

  3. Focus on the value you will offer the business, not just how much you could live on
    – your expectations should vary depending on the level of responsibility and skills required.
  4. Do not bring up salary expectations in a job interview – this is generally considered bad practice. You will be in the strongest position if you wait until the end of the process when you are the number one choice for the role.
  5. Negotiate – if you are offered a salary that you believe is lower than you are worth or could achieve elsewhere then do not be afraid to push for more. Remember, one of the benefits of using a recruiter is that they will have this conversation for you, so go for it. Do not be tempted though to keep going back and forth pushing for more money, as this will annoy your potential employer and start to raise questions over whether you really want the job.
  6. Always get your job offer in writing / email before handing in your notice.
  7. Be cautious about applying for new jobs to achieve a counter-offer – this can be tempting but is dangerous territory which could potentially backfire, annoying both employers. Even if a counter-offer is achieved from the existing employer, this is usually only a short term solution which does not address all the other reasons why they would look elsewhere.


Let Aspire Cambridge negotiate the best salary for you

At Aspire Cambridge, we want the very best for our candidates and clients. Our ultimate goal is to find the perfect match at the right salary level to ensure a happy, motivated and valued team.

We take the time to get to know our candidates and achieve a real understanding of what they are looking for.

If you are looking for a new role or person to join your team, call us on 01223 855440.


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