The words that you choose to use on your CV and during a job interview play a powerful part in the impact and lasting impression that you create.

Some terms are uninspiring, have been overused and lack substance unless backed up with examples, such as `I did`, `I think`, `they found that`, `managed`, `led`, `was responsible for`, `think outside the box`, and `results orientated.`

However, there are many powerful verbs which you can choose from to maximise your CV and interview experience:

Impactful Verbs

Had/delivered a vision: devised, created, built, designed, developed, engineered, established, formulated, implemented, launched, pioneered
Carried out research and analysis: identified, discovered, explored, mapped, measured, tracked, analysed, quantified, assessed, audited
Communicated: defined, composed, conveyed, illustrated, documented, publicised
Led a project: planned, produced, oversaw, coordinated, chaired
Saved your employer money: consolidated, reduced, decreased, secured, negotiated
Delivered success: enhanced, achieved, influenced, advanced, delivered, maximized, centralized, customized, modified, merged, refined, remodeled, streamlined, standardized, strengthened, upgraded, transformed
Achievements: attained, succeeded, outperformed, awarded, demonstrated, showcased, surpassed, exceeded

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