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We often hear the expression ‘getting the day off to a bad start’, but what can we learn from others to set ourselves up for a positive workday everyday?

A recent article on Business Insider UK by Jacquelyn Smith and Rachel Gillett (16th September 2015) explained the key things that successful people do in the first 10 minutes of their day:

10 ‘must do’s’:
  1. Reflect – take the time to consider where you are at with your goals for the week, the status of current projects and what you need to achieve today.
  2. Get comfortable, organise your workspace and stretch to get your circulation going – ensure your chair is comfortable, everything you need is in place and papers filed / organised on your desk so you can find what you need and feel clear.
  3. Review your to-do list and prioritise – your energy is strongest in the morning so try to handle the most difficult but really important tasks first.
  4. Visualise success and the day ahead – envisage the end result and what you need to do to get there and mentally run through the day ahead.
  5. Adjust and map out your day – look at your schedule for the day and see if any additional preparation is required / adjustments to be made.
  6. Avoid multi-tasking – do one thing at a time in the morning as it will make you more productive.
  7. Anticipate and avoid distractions / say no – avoid unnecessary optional meetings, colleagues wanting to discuss something that can be left until later, social media, low priority emails.
  8. Block out negativity and take a moment to be grateful – ‘Compartmentalise’ anything that has annoyed you and will prevent you from getting on with your day, such as a difficult commute, email or personal issue. Think about something positive to be grateful for to create the right mindset.
  9. Greet your team, smile and laugh – Especially if you manage others. Friendliness and your general approach has a big effect on others around you and the general atmosphere, so make sure it is positive.
  10. Strategically check emails – scan through and handle the urgent ones and prioritise others to do later in the day. It can feel satisfying to clear them all first thing, but be careful that this does not take you away from the business critical tasks you should be focusing on.

Why not give this list a try and see how it affects your day, mood and productivity?

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