Top 5 ways to impress on telephone interviews

Telephone interviews are becoming increasingly popular as a way of assessing potential candidates without committing to an hour long face to face meeting.

For candidates, being offered a telephone interview is a good sign and step forward in the recruitment process; it shows that the employer liked your CV and wants to find out more about you and to find out whether you are suitable before meeting you face to face.

Some candidates underestimate the importance of preparation and coming across well in telephone interviews, whereas others can be daunted at the prospect and consequently appear very nervous.

Here are our top 5 tips to ensure you impress

  1. Choose a quiet place where you will not be disturbed nor lose signal if using a mobile handset.
  2. Research the company in advance, this may be via their website, social media platforms to include LinkedIn and read through your CV and job description to refresh yourself on this.
  3. Stand up or sit positively at a table with relevant info in front of you – slouching on the sofa is likely to make you feel less powerful and prepared.
  4. Ensure you sound lively, engaged and passionate for the job
  5. Smile and laugh if appropriate – the purpose of the interview is to find out more about you so you need your personality to come across.

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