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I love being a HR consultant at Aspire, working as part of a team, helping managers and businesses grow and achieve success through their people is my motivation.

I joined Aspire Cambridge in 2014 with over 10 years’ experience in HR operations and management. Over the years I have provided HR support to a range of different sized companies, including my last job as Global HR Manager for Cummins Power Generation, a global power leader. My role at Aspire involves acting as both Internal HR Manager for the team and HR Consultant to our client base, working either remotely or onsite at the client’s premises.

Why I chose HR Consultancy to SME’s

I wanted to work across a range of industries and to help business managers and owners of small companies to succeed through their people; SME’s do not usually have the time or the funds to invest in cutting edge management training and leadership development in the same way a large organisation might. But my experience has shown that regardless of the size of the business, all managers face the same issues and problems over time and therefore they all need HR expertise and support with people management.

What Aspire HR Services have to offer

Small business owners or managers usually contact us when they need to find a solution to a productivity challenge or, when they are facing a people related problem that has refused to go away despite considerable effort. Sometimes our clients require only occasional ad-hoc support, which we provide just when they need it. We recognise that some organisations will need different levels of HR support throughout the year; performance appraisals & setting objectives, new starters and restructuring of the business are just some examples of where there will be a need for additional support and HR expertise quickly and in the short-term. This is the beauty of Aspire HR Services – we offer HR expertise on either an ongoing or a one off project basis, enabling our clients to handle issues and tasks swiftly as they arise but without adding to their headcount or charging them an annual retainer or HR licence fee. Our clients only pay for HR support when they use it.

Where Aspire HR Services support businesses

Our expert HR consultants Edwina Brewster MCIPD, MA, HRM, Janet Henson-Webb FinatLM, MCMI, Assoc CIPD and Joy Bemrose can offer you expertise in all areas of HR, including:

  • Meeting your legal obligations as an employer – HR Audit and twice yearly legal updates tailored to your businessEdwina Brewster
  • Onboarding new starters and managing existing employees – employee contracts, compensation/benefits and staff handbooks
  • Employee and team development – appraisals, performance management, leadership and skills development
  • Restructuring and managing change – consultation/TUPE, redundancies and change management
  • Pay and benefits – salary and benefits package benchmarking
How Aspire HR Services save clients time and money
  • Retain your staff – a happy and motivated team reduces the cost and effort of replacing staff
  • Avoid conflicts and costly legal issues by meeting your legal requirements and handling employee complaints fairly
  • Motivate and develop your team to improve employee engagement and increase productivity
  • Handle difficult situations effectively with minimal disruption
  • Industry leading employee screening – we can validate personal information, run financial checks and conduct driving licence checks to help you select the right people for the right roles, quickly and with confidence
A growing market for HR consultancy support

The market for HR support to SME’S is growing, I believe this is for two main reasons:

  1. Generally business owners and business managers are better informed nowadays and have access to free support to give them a head start in terms of people management. Consequently, they are more informed on their legal responsibilities as an employer and generally speaking they want to understand how they can do this to the best of their ability.
  2. Modern research informs us that we need to invest in our people in order for businesses to grow and be successful. Over the last 10 years there has been an increase in the amount of widely and freely available research, data and publications that focus on this and how developing your people and increasing engagement will have a positive impact on the bottom line. There’s lots of hard research which tells us that these are intrinsically linked.

Top three ways to improve the engagement of your workforce and impact your bottom line:

  1. Make sure that your employees understand the connection between the work that you ask them to do and achieving business success
  2. Provide strong leadership
  3. Offer equal opportunities for personal development
So what do I think of Aspire Cambridge?

I love being part of the Aspire Cambridge team – I was delighted to have been appointed as Internal HR Manager for Aspire earlier this year and am looking forward to helping Kelly and Kayleigh to achieve their business aims over the next five years.

Client recommendation – HR Services

“I work alone in HR and having Eddy’s support has been invaluable at a challenging time for our business. Using Eddy’s skills and experience has allowed me to focus on other parts of the job and in our fast pace dynamic environment I couldn’t have done it without her. I’d highly recommend any business utilising Eddy, I love working with her!” HR Services Client, July 2015

Free one hour client consultation

We are keen to find out how we can support organisations and are offering a free one hour consultation with our HR specialist Edwina Brewster. Call us today on 01223 855441 to find out more.

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