Julie StigwoodThere are exciting times ahead for Aspire’s Marketing and Communications Executive Julie Stigwood as she gets ready to start her maternity leave. Julie is going to be putting her multitasking skills to great use after discovering the fantastic news that she is having twins!

Business Operations Manager Kayleigh Beeton said:

“Julie has been a wonderful team member at Aspire Cambridge. Julie has made a great contribution to the development of our marketing division and is someone who gives her job 100% often working outside of office hours. When Julie announced her pregnancy to us and the exciting news that she was expecting twins we were absolutely thrilled. I wish Julie all the best in the future and look forward to her return to work with visits from her new additions!”

How common are twins?

So with all this talk of twins, you may think that you are hearing more about multiple births these days and for good reason; statistics show that the number of twins born has increased considerably over the last three decades, according to Babycentre.co.uk.

Twins and larger multiple births account for 3% of all babies born in the UK (1 in 62). A third of twins born are identical, with the likelihood of having identical twins being just 1 in 250.

Holly Lawler drives Marketing forward for Aspire Cambridge

With Aspire’s ambitious growth plans in place and Julie due to go on maternity leave, Holly Lawler joined the team in July as Sales and Marketing Assistant and will be the face of digital communications, data analytics, metrics, social media management and developing cross-channel marketing materials.

Holly’s joined Aspire Cambridge from Thames Laboratories and her role focuses on the company’s modern approach to communications, understanding the benefits of social media and email marketing as excellent ways of reaching our clients and candidates, alongside the more traditional methods used in recruitment.

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