Samantha Beasley achieve’s certification at AAT Level 3!

Sam joined Aspire Cambridge in December 2011 as employee No.3, our Recruitment Administrator. She soon qualified as a Recruitment Consultant keen to learn the industry and business.  Successful client and candidate relationships formed, repeat business and successful placements, but Sam still searched for more.

With a passion for Aspire and everything the brand stood for, it was a ‘no-brainer’ when Sam demonstrated a keen interest to bring our accounts and finance function in-house, and under her control. This transition took place in early 2012 and since then, Sam has embarked on a successful career in accounts. Successfully achieving a City & Guilds Level 1 in Bookkeeping & Accounts in 2012 and Level 2 in 2013, Sam has since upgraded our software, systems and processes and when she demonstrated an interest in studying for a Qualification in AAT Level 3 it made sense for us to support her dreams of personal growth and development.

Sam has worked extremely hard, dedicated long hours, sacrificed her personal time for study during evenings and at weekends to achieve this qualification. Her achievement has been by no means feat, whereas some of the other students have the luxury of support personnel working alongside them in an accounts function Sam has accomplished this great achievement working in a sole accounts function and for a brand that reports 360% growth in the last 12 months with reports for 2015/16 at a further 400-450% on 2014/15.

As part of Sam’s course, she had to complete various modules – these included:SB

  • AAT Level 3 – Professional Ethics Exam
  • AAT Level 3 – Spreadsheet Exam
  • AAT Level 3 – Accounts Preparation Exam
  • AAT Level 3 – InDirect Tax Exam
  • AAT Level 3 – Costs & Revenue Exam

Sam has now passed all of the above modules since starting her AAT course September 2013, this is a huge achievement and requires a vast amount of time spent studying whilst working long hours alongside maintaining an impressive work ethic during the working day being highly productive!

However, the hard work does not end there! Alongside the above AAT modules, Sam is also awaiting to undertake her Maths & English Functional Skills exams (this is a mandatory requirement if your previous GCSE qualifications are now invalid) which will, once achieved, fully complete her AAT course. Therefore Sam continues to study and work hard in order to ensure these additional courses are successfully completed.

Such an achievement as Sam’s, reflects our company’s growth over the past 18 months; retaining our staff and advancing their skill-set from within, alongside introducing various new measures within the business to take Aspire Cambridge to new heights – all which contribute to the continual success among our dedicated team. We look forward to our bright future and what more is to come for Sam, and the Accounts department, with her highly commended AAT qualification!

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