Campaign highlights sexism in the technology and IT sectors

A recent blog post by an American women has now gone viral as it highlighted the sexism existing in the technology and IT sectors – creating its very own hashtag #ILookLikeAnEngineer.

Isis Wenger, from San Francisco is a Software Engineer and decided to make a stand against the preconceived image that the world believe that people in her industry should look like. The stand was sparked as a result of her company’s recruitment campaign showing a photo of her which in turn attracted negative comments on social media. The outrage caused from the campaign led to Wenger launching her own to urging fellow female engineers to stand up against the stereotypes they have to battle with from working within the technology and IT sectors.

“I help build enterprise software #ILookLikeAnEngineer”

The online campaign Wenger launched showed a posted photo of herself holding a piece of paper with the comment “I help build enterprise software #ILookLikeAnEngineer” – this brave stand soon led to it becoming a global phenomenon and other females getting involved in the campaign.

In the 21st Century, it is not unfortunate that people would still be stereotypical  and judgmental of what a particular worker should look like within an industry – beauty does come with brains! In such cases this may not only lead to females being made to feel they can not enter into particular industry’s due to the expectations of how you ‘should’ look and what gender you ‘should’ be, but could results in females facing prejudice when applying for roles or even attending interviews leading to a shortage of inspirational women following their career related dreams.
Don’t give up hope!

Aspire Cambridge fully understand the trend that has been highlighted from this campaign; our IT, Technical & Engineering Division have successfully placed women in such roles as Software Development, Test Engineering, Web Development, therefore we believe the campaign will encourage other females to start a career within these industries.

Kelly Haston, Managing Director:

“Throughout my career I have placed a large number of technically experienced women in roles within the IT, Tech and Engineering industries. Having worked within recruitment for over 10 years, I have seen first hand the prejudice some women face entering into these sectors however I believe such a campaign will ensure employer’s are more open-minded when considering candidates.”

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