Striking the perfect balance between developing your current team of employees and recruiting new talent can be a challenge; get it right and you build the strongest teams for a highly successful future, but get it wrong and you could miss out on some great opportunities.

A recent report from the CIPD (17th June) showed that 74% of HR professionals are choosing to look externally for new talent rather than promoting or developing their current workforce. At the same time, 77% of companies had faced difficulties retaining their staff, with over 40% using pay and rewards as incentives to keep them.

At Aspire Cambridge, we can help you to achieve the best of both, with our experienced recruitment team ready to introduce you to the very best talent in the marketplace, matched perfectly to your individual requirements. At the same time, our highly trained HR consultants specialise in providing advice and support to organisations on a project or ongoing basis, bringing out the very best in every team and increasing staff retention through:

  • Training and developmentdesk shot
  • Performance management
  • Motivation and teambuilding
  • Reward frameworks and pay benchmarking
  • Leadership development and talent management

A candidate market

The CIPD’s report also showed how competitive it currently is to recruit candidates, particularly for managerial, specialist and technical roles, with 78% of HR professionals saying that they had ‘struggled’ to recruit new employees with the right skills mix over the last 12 months. This reinforces two of our recent blogs on the skills shortage in IT, Technical & Engineering: Demand sky high for Tech and Engineering candidates >> and IT skills gap holds back UK >> business.

The importance of workplace planning

Companies should never underestimate the need to focus on training and succession planning. The CIPD reported on 1st July that employers need to change their approach to workforce planning, or there will be a serious skill shortage over the next 20 years; 30% of people in employment in the UK are over the age of 50 and their wealth of knowledge and experience needs to be passed on or this will disappear as employees retire.

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