Demand sky high

Top candidates in IT, Technical and Engineering roles are in huge demand right now, as companies across the UK fight to attract, engage and retain them.

We at Aspire Cambridge are experts in IT, Technical and Engineering recruitment and have seen this growing trend for some time. We emphasise to clients more than ever to move fast and not to let the best candidates slip through their fingers.

As the Head of IT, Technical & Engineering at Aspire Cambridge, my view on this is:

`Speed is a top priority for us and our clients right now, as the very best candidates find themselves in a powerful position. We regularly meet fantastic candidates but the best are always in high demand, often with two or three job offers on the table. Our message to clients is that if they like a candidate, believe they will fit in well in the organisation and have the right skills then to make an offer within 12 hours. Do not delay in carrying out second interviews and make sure the job offer is compelling.’


Vacancies up 13%

The positive outlook for candidates was highlighted by APSCo on 2nd July, showing a 13% increase in vacancies on professional recruitment firms’ books versus the previous year. They also reported an increase of 114,000 people in work in the three months to April, lowering UK unemployment to 31.05 million.

Permanent vacancies are up year-on-year across IT (14%) and Engineering (12%), with the incredible growth of the IT sector creating £18 billion a year to the UK economy.

Supporting the need for good salary packages, median salaries are also on the up across all professional sectors, having risen 5.7% year-on-year, with Engineering increasing by 7%.


Too expensive?

Some companies in these sectors may not be prepared to offer a strong enough package and do not want to feel pressurised into a quick decision. However, the flip side of this could be:

  • Lost time in the recruitment process – potentially putting pressure on other employees
  • Wasted spend on training and workplace integration – if the company resorts to employing someone who is ok but not ideal, the likelihood is that their time within the business will be short-lived
  • Loss of productivity and value to the business – the best candidates have the most to offer the business in the long term



desk shotBoosting Productivity

On the subject of productivity, there are lots of things that employers can to do ensure that they get the very best from their employees, driving the growth of the business. An article in HR Grapevine on 7th July discussed their top tips for boosting productivity, which included:

  • A functional and comfortable working environment where all technology is reliable and in working order
  • Offering staff training
  • Investing in new technology where appropriate
  • Encouraging regular breaks, healthy snacks and keeping hydrated, supporting staff health and minimising mistakes
  • Engaging with staff and adopting a ‘no blame’ culture
  • Offering flexible working, eg allowing an employee to leave early once a week to enable them to do a sporting activity that is important to them or for family commitments. They will be much happier if they feel they are achieving outside of work as well as in work.


If you are looking for the ideal candidate or role within IT, Technical and Engineering industries, call Paul Nicholas at Aspire Cambridge today on 01223 855440.

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