Google Docs tool could expose CV lies it is claimed. As companies increasingly request for CVs through Google’s internet version of Microsoft Word, the tool’s new Draftback update will reveal the edit trail of any document.

The new feature, part of a series of Google App updates, will mean that any changes or tweaks a person makes to their CV will be available for potential employers to view.

Once published online, employers can choose to see any revisions or polishes and a full word for word history of what an applicant has written by using an option appearing within the Chrome browser when the Google Document is loaded, however applicants do have the option to hide the revision timeline before publishing the document.

Users can also generate an animation of the word for word history and changes, with the additional possibility of sharing the embedded animation.

Created by James Somers, a developer for Genius, Draftback was originally launched as an app in November 2014 before being re-launched alongside the Google Chrome extension.

Although not specifically created as a tool for CV writing, more and more employers now request for a CV and cover letter to be submitted through the Google Docs tool, making it easier for employers to uncover potential lies by applicants.

Considering a recent survey revealing that 90% of jobseekers admit to copying other people’s CVs and 89% admit to using web-based examples to write their CVs, employers are being advised to improve their assessment during the hiring process, which could explain the influx of employers opting to receive CVs and cover letters via Google Docs and Draftback.

Source HR Grapevine