Do job titles really matter


For many employees, their job title is very important to them; a job title can reflect progression throughout a person’s career and be an indication of responsibility, power and status. But do they and should they really matter?

Our years of experience within the recruitment industry have shown that indeed the right job title is essential; getting it right or wrong can have a big impact on attracting candidates and the dynamics within the team, for five very good reasons:


Top 5 reasons why a job title needs to fit the role:

  1. Creates confusion within the team structure – A title that does not reflect the right level and responsibility for the role can cause others to question where they sit within the team, the level that they are reporting into and why they are attending or not attending certain meetings and so on.
  2. Attracts candidates at the wrong level – Pitching a role too high or low is likely to attract inappropriate candidates for a new role, wasting time and missing out on the best people.Teamwork and team spirit
  3. Employee may be demotivated or leave the business quickly – If the role or promotion that an employee takes is not what they had expected then this can be demotivating and potentially cause them to move on.
  4. Causes animosity within teams – Employees often consider their level within a company to be a measure of their success and progression, so if a colleague has a higher title but less responsibility this can cause bad feeling.
  5. Affects career development – Giving a title that is higher than an employee’s position can make it hard to offer a promotion at a later stage with nowhere to go. Equally, a title that is too low could create the need for a large jump in job title and potentially salary expectations when promoted.


So how do you choose the right job title?

There are several factors to consider when deciding which job title would be most appropriate for a role, including salary, responsibility, size of team (for a management role), other existing titles within the team and potential career progression plans for the job.

An experienced recruitment consultant can play a key part in getting job titles spot on; at Aspire Cambridge, we have years of experience in advising our clients on this, ensuring we always attract the right candidates for the perfect match to the company and role. Call our team today on 01223 855440 to find out more.

Our HR consultancy team can also offer expert advice and support to companies wishing to review their job titles, salaries and bonus structures across their business. For more information on how we can help on a project or ongoing basis call 01223 855441.

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