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That amazing moment when you get offered the job – you can’t beat it! It’s a time for celebrating and feeling proud, and sometimes a bit of a relief to be moving on if you were not enjoying your current role.

If you are at this stage right now or nearly there – congratulations! Enjoy the moment, but also remember that within all this excitement, you may find yourself with some difficult decisions to make.

At Aspire Cambridge, our advice to anyone who has just been offered a new job is to enjoy this success but tread carefully in how you approach your next few steps…



When – It can be tempting to tell your employer you are leaving straight away, especially if you are leaving because you were not happy with some aspects of the role. However, before doing this, it is really important to make sure you get a written offer letter or email from your new employer, stating your start date and confirming your salary and benefits.

How – Before you hand in your notice, think through what you want to say and choose an appropriate moment where you can talk to your manager in private. Type up a letter to give to them during this meeting, which thanks them as appropriate, advises when you intend to leave and refers to any holiday you expect to be owed.

What to say – Explain that it has been a difficult decision but that an exciting opportunity has come up and you have decided to take it. If you are leaving your role because you were not happy with the job you were doing or even your manager themselves, it is not advisable to talk about this when you hand in your notice; however tempting this may be, it is much better to leave on as amicable a note as possible to avoid burning bridges for the future.

Telling your colleagues – it is considered professional to always tell your manager before any of your other colleagues. At the point that you hand in your notice, ask your manager if they are happy for you to tell the team yourself and when to do so; they may want time to tell the senior management team first or potentially come back to you with a counter-offer.



Replacing a member of the team can be a time consuming, difficult and expensive task and one which many employers are keen to avoid. As a result, you may be made a counter-offer of a higher salary and/or benefits to stay.

If this happens to you, avoid saying yes or no straight away and ask for some time to go away and think about it. Consider all the reasons why you wanted to move in the first place – more often than not, salary is not the only factor and the fact that it has only been offered under pressure is worth thinking about.

Many people who accept a counter-offer will feel happier temporarily and enjoy the confidence boost that their employer wanted to keep them. However, this can often fade quickly and result in them looking for a new job again within less than a year because the additional money was not the long term answer. Whatever you decide to do, give a lot of thought to how you will feel over the next few months and years and what your progression opportunities will be.



Take a well-earned rest or holiday if you can, but also spend some time reading up further on your new employer and their products and services; it will fill you with confidence before you start on your first day and keep everything fresh in your mind. If there is a company brochure for example then make sure you read it and ask if there are any other documents you could get up to speed on – as well as helping you, this also creates a great impression by showing you are keen.





If it was unfortunately a no, make sure you request some feedback to understand why you were not successful on this occasion; this will help you to see if there is anything else you could work on or do differently next time. If the reason was that you were up against a candidate with more experience, then see if there is anyway you could do to increase your skills and experience in some of these areas. Make sure you are registered with a really good recruitment agent who can advise you and match you to your ideal role.


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