IT Skills gap holds back uk businesses

45% of UK businesses are facing productivity issues due to a lack of IT talent, according to research reported recently in The Recruiting Times.

The research was carried out by the IT skills and training body CompTIA, surveying over 1,500 IT Executives. Nearly a third of respondents said that a lack of skills is having an impact on customer service and over a quarter said it was causing a barrier to innovation, new ideas and speed to market.


So what can businesses do to address this skills gap?

28% of IT Execs said that they plan to hire more IT staff in the coming year, but the challenge will be attracting the people with the right skills and handling counter-offers as other companies fight to hold onto their top talent.

Our advice to clients is to make sure that job roles and packages created are compelling, ideally with potential to develop skills further and progress. Be prepared for some negotiation when making offers and consider whether a contractor could be a good option to meet an immediate need for skills without making a long-term commitment.


What does this mean for candidates?

Candidates with strong IT skills and who fit well into new organisations will find themselves in a strong position right now. Our advice is to keep adding to your skills where possible, making yourself more attractive to a range of employers.


ComputerCyber security concerns UK Businesses

The second biggest concern to UK businesses after the skills gap is cyber security, with 63% of respondents in the study seeing the threat of cyber attacks on the increase. Interestingly, almost half cited human error to blame for this, including through the use of social media. 58% said that spending more on IT security was their top technology priority as a result of this.

UK director for member communities Estelle Johannes for CompTIA said in response to the findings on the skills gap and cyber security:

“The impact of the skills gap threatens the livelihood of businesses across the country, from information security to customer service, and more needs to be done to tackle this growing problem. But building and managing talent requires a concerted effort, resources and time. There is rarely a quick fix to addressing skills gaps.”


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