Need for speed in tech talent war

It`s a great time to be a candidate with good technology skills right now, as companies across the UK fight to gain and keep them.

Aspire Cambridge, experts in IT, Technology and Engineering recruitment, are encouraging clients more than ever to make sound decisions quickly and not to wait around before making that all important job offer. We have seen examples in recent weeks where really strong candidates have excelled in their interviews but a 3-7 day delay in making a job offer has resulted in the candidate being snapped up elsewhere.

Joe Devine, Consultant for the IT, Technology and Engineering Division at Aspire Cambridge said in response to this:

`The implications for candidates as a result of this are clear: if you have good technology skill and can fit well into a new team, then you are in a really strong position. Feel confident in negotiating a good package, or better still, let an expert recruitment agent do this for you.`

That said, it should never be taken for granted that if you find a role and company that you like, that there will be other similar job offers around the corner. There are lots of factors that affect whether a job is right for someone, and every company offers something a bit different, so candidates should make sure they don`t miss out on the perfect location and industry for the sake of a few hundred pounds.

bonus paymentsAn article in RealBusiness by Zen Terrelonge, 05-02-15 reiterated how cities nationwide, such as Cambridge, Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester and Glasgow (the UK`s tech hotspots) are following the example set by London`s Tech City; by encouraging  IT talent with competitive salaries as an additional incentive.

The article reported on the study carried out by Experis which found that there were 11,000 technology jobs in the locations named above, the majority of which were in mobile, cloud and web development; `In fact, mobile and web development account for two thirds of roles advertised nationwide, demonstrating how popular the sector is.’

‘Additionally, the report also found that businesses in the non-London tech cities are providing competitive salaries to snatch the best talent. While London still provides the highest average permanent role salary at £51, 588 – factoring in the higher cost of living – Cambridge has an average of £40, 994, followed by Birmingham with £39,773 and Glasgow on £39,143.`

With all this healthy competition in mind, advice to clients is simple: if you want the best people in your team you need to move fast; find the right person, show them why you are a great company to work for and make them a compelling offer. Be prepared for counter offers from current employers trying to hold onto them and from other companies who the candidate may be interviewing with.

We feel the need … the need for speed!


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