Some would say that you are either born with a talent or you are not; to be talented at something is a natural gift, rather than something you can learn.

But not in the opinion of Ed Sheeran it seems; this hugely popular and successful British musician claims `he wasn`t born with talent`, according to an article in HR Grapevine, 27th March. Ed said in a recent interview `when people say artists are born with talent, you`re not. You have to really learn and really practice` and then showed an example of how bad he was at singing when he was younger.

GUITARThe article went on to consider what we can learn from this from a business perspective. These points are all interesting food for thought for employers and their employees:

  • With the right learning and development anyone can be a top performer
  • The key is talent spotting, to identify what your employees’ talents are / what they have an aptitude for (even if they do not realise it yet themselves)
  • Enjoyment is very important too – to be good at something, it helps if you enjoy it too
  • Coaching, mentoring and supporting are all key factors to harness an employee`s talents and this takes time
  • Each employee can benefit from a realistic development plan to stretch them and deliver a return for the company


So are we being recognized for our talents?

According to the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (April 2015), over half of workers received a pay rise last year, with `63% expecting one in 2015.` That said, this survey revealed that 48% of respondents were not satisfied with their employer`s pay decisions, with the typical pay rise being only 2% for the last two consecutive years.


So what can we learn from all this?

The key overall message from this is that employees need to be nurtured. To get the very best from them, you need to invest some time and money, in terms of training, pay, observing and talking to them to identify where those secret talents lie. Some might say that this could waste time and money if they choose to leave, but the potential benefits you can gain from doing so can far outweigh risk.

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