It’s true that most of us like to have some perks at work, but how much they appeal to us depends on personalities, motivations, financial situation and lots of other factors.

Have you thought recently about what perks you enjoy at work or would like to see in your workplace? If you are in an influential position, have you asked your employees lately whether they appreciate the perks you offer or would be motivated by something new? 

A recent article in HR Grapevine on 13th April 2015 revealed the top 50 cool office perks (we have shown a selection of 20 of them below):

‘From a games room to Segway scooters, the top 50 cool office perks have been revealed.

Online gaming site Mobileslots.com researched what workers want, and while some of the suggestions are already commonplace for some sectors, others were slightly more imaginative.

For example, the extremely practical in-office crèche was extremely desirable for many workers, while others lived in hope of a puppy or kitten room.

Some just wanted to see the light, wishing for floor-to-ceiling windows, however food and drink proved to be the real way to staff hearts.

FoodPersonal baristas, daily buffets, a bakery, an ice cream van, chocolate fountains, popcorn machines and a bar that pops up at 5pm all made the list.

A spokesman said: “For most of us, offices are a bit dull and boring so fantasising about an amazing workspace is great escape.

“We found that lots of the items on the list, whilst they seemed wacky, actually had sound reasoning behind them.

“At work, we are always looking for ways wanting to de-stress, be more energised and encourage creativity. Perhaps having puppy rooms, a library and massaging chairs would help along with this.”



Here are 20 of the top cool office perks reported, in no particular order:

  1. Free laundry and dry cleaning service
  2. A gym
  3. Personal barista to make your coffee
  4. Segway scooters
  5. Floor-to-ceiling windows
  6. A daily buffet
  7. A crèche
  8. A games room
  9. post itBean bags
  10. A pool
  11. A bakery
  12. Unlimited ink in the printer
  13. A bar that pops up at 5pm
  14. Posh hand cream in the toilets
  15. A yoga studio
  16. A popcorn machine
  17. Unlimited sticky notes
  18. Hammocks
  19. Free toiletries in the staff toilets
  20. A car wash


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