A recent article in Recruitment Grapevine reported that the majority of people have regrets about the career choices that they have made and blame a lack of time as the main cause.

The survey was carried out by the investment company Scottish Widows, on over 2000 people in Britain aged 21-65.

Time, or a lack of it, plays an enormous part in our everyday lives and the decisions we make. Consequently, many people spend little time thinking through their career and the next steps they need to take  – choices which will have a huge impact on the course of their lives and what they do and achieve.

The survey showed that 70% of people feel they have less free time than they did a few years ago, although interestingly the study also showed that a quarter of people feel guilty if they have spare time on their hands.

These finding highlight just how important it is to set aside some time to sit down and think about your career plans, what you enjoy doing, your short and long term goals and ultimately what you need to do to achieve your ambitions.

Recruitment experts at Aspire Cambridge offer excellent advice to help people on their career paths and recommend that everyone makes a list and sets timeframes for their career development; they can then check regularly to see whether they are on track and review and amend their plans as their wants, needs and circumstances change.


 Aspire Cambridge’s Top 6 questions to ask yourself about your career:

  1. What are your long and short terms goals for work and life in general?
  2. Is your chosen career path going to enable you to achieve your life goals?
  3. Are you fulfilling your potential or on the road to doing so? If not, why not and can any of these barriers be overcome?
  4. Do you enjoy all, most or some parts of your job? If you are just starting out in your career, what would you enjoy doing and be good at?
  5. How do you feel about work or the thought of it?
  6. Are you on the career path that you want or had originally planned? Is it what you really want?


If you had negative answers to any of the questions above and feel you want to make some changes on your career path, consider:

  • What qualifications / experience do I need to achieve my goals? – If you do not know, research this and find out.
  • Could I do additional training in my current role to get me on track?
  • Are there other projects I could get involved in to get some experience?
  • Is there anything else I could realistically do to enable me to achieve my goals?

A strong CV – the key to success

In the process of considering your career path, you may decide that it is time to look for a new job role.  To give yourself the best opportunity to succeed, it is essential that you have a really strong CV.

If your CV lacks impact or maybe you haven’t updated it for years, then Aspire Cambridge are on hand to help via our CV Writing Service.

To find out how Aspire Cambridge can help you on your career journey, call our team today on 01223 855440, or email us your CV to info@aspirecambridge.co.uk and quote ‘career choices’ in the subject heading.