Operation Christmas child

The team at Aspire Cambridge were thrilled to receive messages of thanks this week from Operation Christmas Child.

Last November, the Aspire Team set about wrapping and filling shoe boxes with gifts to be donated to this fantastic cause which is run by Samaritan’s Purse. The shoe boxes were taken to a designated drop-off point and were then delivered to children in the Ukraine. Aspire Cambridge’s boxes were amongst over 44,000 sent to Ukraine from the UK.

The cause has been running for many years, bringing happiness to children who may never have received a Christmas present in their lives.

laura shoe box-final2Our message of thanks from Samaritan’s Purse said:

‘’Through these shoebox gifts we have been able to show children around the world, living in difficult situations, that they are loved and not forgotten. Many of these children will never have received a gift in their life before. Children like 9-year-old Nemanja who suffers from muscular dystrophy. He and his family are Serb refugees from Kosova. Tears were streaming down his face as he looked over the gifts in his shoebox. Turning to his mother, he asked, “How could the boy that sent this shoe box know me? How did he know what I wanted to have?  Everything he sent has made me so happy!”

Samantha Beasley coordinated the Aspire team’s donations and said:

‘’We were all really pleased to play our part in the work of this wonderful cause. It was really touching to hear how much happiness these gifts bring, not just from the presents themselves but by letting a child know that someone else is caring and thinking of them.’’