One in four Organisations have Increased their Workforce
The survey also reveals that 37% of UK organisation are already reporting they have reached capacity and can no longer take on work without increasing their workforce.

The recent statistics revealed by the REC from their recent Jobs Outlook survey showed that employers were planning growth through the recruitment of permanent and temporary workers.

Although there is a concern among employers regarding the ongoing drivers shortage for both permanent and temporary positions. Nearly 18% of Hiring Managers predict shortages of drivers for permanent roles, with 12% concerned about a shortage of candidates for short-term contracts, especially in the run up to Christmas.

68% of employers use agency workers to provide short-term access to key strategic skills.

This month’s survey from the REC has revealed that 68% of employers use temporary workers to fill skill gaps on a short term basis. Just under half of employers surveyed plan to hire more temporary workers within the next 3 months.

87% of employers told the REC that are planning to hire candidates for permanent positions in the short term, with just under three quarters looking to secure a permanent hire for the medium term.

31% of organisations in the UK could have an international presence

The latest industry figures from the REC survey have shown that 16% of employers plan to expand into the European Union by this time in 2016. This is in addition to UK businesses already in operation abroad, leading the statistics to show that 31% of organisations in the UK could have an international presence within two years.

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