Are you a Pinterest user? Did you know Pinterest can be a useful tool to help you with your job search?

Through connecting with people, adding your portfolio and creating pins – using Pinterest can help you engage with employers and promote yourself as an ideal candidate.

Using Pinterest shows that you are current, a person who can embrace new ideas and use them for your own advantage. It’s also a fantastic platform to showcase your visual portfolio in a professional way.

Pinterest will give you the chance to connect with industry leaders and to follow companies that you aspire to work with. Take the opportunity to engage with them by liking, pinning and commenting on their pins.

Promote yourself as an ideal candidate through Pinterest

With 80% of content on Pinterest re-pinned pins, it’s important to generate your own content that is appropriate, visually engaging and good quality – so that your pins will encourage re-pins, likes and comments.

So what should you pin? If you are a creative then get your portfolio on there! Even if your work is not visually appealing, such as written work, try taking a photo or finding an image online that you can use for the pin image.

Let people know you are looking for work. Go one step further by pinning your ideal roles, industries and companies that you would like to work for. Demonstrate your industry knowledge and your aspirations – really put yourself out there as a potential candidate to the recruiters that are checking your social media profiles!