Most common CV lie
According to a recent industry survey, an exaggerated skill set is the most commonly found lie on an applicant’s CV.

Closely followed by a fabricated employment history, an exaggerated skill set is the most common CV Lie found by hiring managers, according to a recent survey conducted by Career Builder.

The research revealed that approximately 78% of hiring managers have discovered a lie on a jobseeker’s resume. Furthermore, over half of hiring managers have seen an increase in the amount of exaggerated CV’s received since 2008.

It was found that 50% of employers unveiled fabrications of the truth from individuals when questioned about the companies they’d supposedly worked for as stated on their CV or application. It was also discovered that 59% of hiring managers spend more than two minutes reviewing each CV; 23% take less than a minute; 11% spend 30 seconds or less.

According to the survey, the most discovered inaccuracies on CV’s were dates of employment (47%), job title (46%), awards/recognitions (35%) and academic degree (30%).

The consequences of uncovering a lie on a CV led to 58% of employers potentially dismissing a candidate, depending on what the lie was about. Around 28% said that they would reject an applicant if they discovered a lie on a CV, whilst only 14% of hiring managers would show a willingness to overlook a lie if they liked the candidate enough.

The results of the survey suggest that jobseekers are seeking to over impress on a resume to ensure that they are shortlisted for a position – underestimating the resources recruiters have to identify gaps and discrepancies on the CV.

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