Cambridge best place to look for work
Figures reveal that for every jobseeker in Cambridge there are ten available jobs.

This research, conducted by jobs search engine Adzuna, looked at the current job market and highlighted the locations which are most expansive, in terms of job opportunities. Cambridge came in top, suggesting that the East of England city is the best place in the UK to be looking for work and finding a job.

Interestingly, figures from the research showed that for every jobseeker there are 10 vacancies available.


The industry research comes at a time when Cambridge, the technological capital of Europe, continues to benefit from strong growth in the economic recovery. Many sectors are benefiting from the number of high level skilled workers available in the area, from IT and engineering industries to the online games industry.

Although in general the average salary is increasing, so is the rise in the cost of living, which is especially prevalent in Cambridge.

House prices in the city have risen more than anywhere else in the country over the last seven years, with the average price of a house in Cambridge an astonishing seven and a half times the average local wage and twelve times the national average wage.

Many jobseekers relocating to the area have decided to reside in suburbs outside of Cambridge, such as Cambourne, where housing prices are lower and good transport routes are available for commuting into the local City.