Record Number of Women in the British Workforce
New industry figures released this month have revealed that a record number of women in the UK are in employment.

A record number of women make up the total British workforce, with two thirds of working-age women (currently this is between the ages of 18-64) now in employment. This is above average in comparison to other major industrialised countries.

This is an increase of nearly 800,000 female workers from 2010, with 67% of women currently in work in the UK.

When compared to figures from within the European G7 countries, the record number of women in the British workforce is second only to Germany, who have 69% of women in work. This employment rate compares to 63% in the United States and 61% in France.

The current employment rate for males is 77% in the UK.

Further figures revealed in the study showed that 70% of the increase in female employment over the last 4 years has been in full-time posts and that the number of women with jobs in agriculture, manufacturing and construction has increased faster than numbers of men in those sectors.

The research was conducted by the Treasury, with George Osborne announcing that women are playing a greater role in the economy and that he plans for the figures to continue growing and to surpass Germany.