Flexible working
Flexible working gives businesses “significant competitive edge”.

Research carried out by Regus has highlighted the belief by business owners and senior managers that flexible working hours is an effective method of improving business productivity. Both flexi-hours and flexi-location choices are being offered to employees with a view to improve moral and work-life balance.

81% of respondents said they see flexible working as a way to improve business productivity, compared to 74% in the same survey held last year. 67% believe that flexible working can actually save the company money, noting that it costs less than traditional fixed office hours.

Furthermore, 50% of those surveyed believed that by offering flexible working as a benefit, it can give their organisation a competitive advantage as they look to recruit the best, most talented candidates. Over two thirds mentioned that flexible working is a benefit commonly demanded by prospective employees.

The recent change in legislation regarding flexible hours has without doubt shifted employers’ perception on working hours. In recent years, it has become increasingly feasible to work away from the office, with technology such as smart phones and cloud storage facilitating flexible working. With marketplaces being more fluid than ever, it is important for companies to be able to adapt and be flexible – by having a number of dynamic environments, choice of working hours and the trust in employers which can enhance motivation and loyalty.

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