KHFrom hiring last minute temporary or junior staff to senior appointments and Directors for multi-national organisations; the typical activities of a recruitment consultant are varied and fulfilling. Kelly Haston Assoc CIPD, FIRP DipRP, the Founder and Managing Director of Aspire Cambridge, talks about her 10 years working in the recruitment industry and how she wouldn’t trade her experiences for anything else.

“Since joining as a Recruitment Consultant back in 2004 – I’ve truly enjoyed the highs and lows that are a by-product of a fast flowing and competitive industry. The timeline below takes you through my holistic recruitment journey and how I became a Managing Director.”

timeline v3

Key achievements over the last 10 years:

– Successfully placing 2280 job seekers into placements
– 76% still with their hiring organisation
– Achieved Fellow of REC Practice at 6 years (standard minimum is 10 years before being considered)
– Diploma completed in 10 months alongside full time principal consultant role (suggested time is 4 years)
– Founding and continuing to run a successful Recruitment Consultancy.

“Celebrating a 10 year anniversary this week has given me the chance to reflect on my experiences and the connections that I’ve made. I believe I have been fortunate in my opportunities, whilst driving myself autonomously to become the best recruiter within my capabilities and certainly a well respected and powerful leader within our industry.

The recruitment industry in this time has changed dramatically, with approaches to recruitment techniques developing parallel to the introduction of new digital technologies and platforms. This fast flowing industry has no choice but to adapt to changes, ensuring that the best talent acquisition methods are being implemented in order to increase the success of filling a vacancy with the best possible candidate. For example, the emergence of Linkedin in the noughties and the increasing popularity amongst business professionals has meant that it is mandatory for competent recruiters to be active on Linkedin, in addition to other platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and G+.

Sourcing candidates extends to all social media platforms, not only as an opportunity to view a candidates experience, but the chance to pre-screen the personality of the person.

The industry continues to operate at a fast pace and it is our responsibility as recruitment consultants to keep up with the latest digital technologies and platforms, ensuring clients get the best service and ultimately the most talented candidates to fill their positions.”