192 million employees worldwide will be changing their jobs in 2018

A study conducted by the Centre for Economic Research has provided statistics to suggest the current trend of increasing staff turnover is set to continue. It is expected that year on year, more and more employees will be changing their jobs.

In 2014, just over 161 million employees worldwide (22%) are expected to leave their current position. This figure is set to increase to a predicted 192 million (23.4%) for the year 2018.

Why is turnover in staff on the increase?

With the UK economy coming out of the global recession, there is more confidence on the job market – with both candidates and employees. Candidates are starting to look around and discover career opportunities, which are opening up at companies looking to expand.

Companies looking to attract and retain talent  are developing new strategies aimed at increasing engagement with both existing staff and new candidates. The job market is changing, forcing companies to review the employee engagement in an effort to reduce their own staff turnover.

If you’re looking to hire, we recently wrote a piece relating to passive talent vs. active job seekers, whether it is better to recruit candidates currently in a role or those actively looking.

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