work fatigue after holiday
A survey has found that employees suffer from work fatigue 8 weeks after returning from a holiday.

A survey of 2,000 workers highlighted that the average British employee requires time off every 56 days or they risk a reduce in overall work productivity.

The research, commissioned by Holiday Hypermarket, showed that UK workers started to feel tired and stressed after only eight weeks on their return to work from a holiday break.

Although, the findings showed that the majority of employees take time off just twice a year or less. 28% said that they took two holiday breaks a year with only 19% taking time out once a year for a holiday. It was also revealed that 8% admitted to not taking a break from work in the past 12 months – a fairly alarming statistic.

However the majority of employees surveyed agreed that it was unhealthy to go a whole year without taking time away from work, with more than half believing a lack of a break is detrimental to their work productivity.

Following their return to work,  75% rated their productivity high – in contrast to two-thirds rating their pre-holiday productivity a lowly 5 out of 10. As well as productivity, motivation was also a factor affected by a lack of holiday time off work.

Interestingly, 32% of respondents said that they had delayed booking a break due to an important company project. 58% simply said that they couldn’t afford to go on holiday.

It’s the holiday season and following on from a recent post we wrote about employees pulling a sickie after holiday; this survey is an interesting reflection of the culture and effects of taking a holiday break.

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