HR Scenarios

Aspire Cambridge HR were asked to assist a Cambridge-based engineering company with a variety of short-term and longer-term HR issues. The Directors of the company were finding that these issues were taking up an inordinate amount of their time and energy and were preventing them from focusing on moving the business forward. Read more about this HR case study below.

One of the key areas of concern was performance management, including managing pay and rewards and addressing performance issues. The off-the-shelf systems and processes which had been used in the past were not fit for purpose. Aspire’s HR Consultants worked with the directors to identify the core attitudes and behaviours they sought from all their employees and created the basis of a performance review and improvement process which was more relevant to the organisation.

The Directors were pleasantly surprised that the development process was neither long-winded nor painful and the outcome was both simpler and easier to use. These core requirements were then overlaid with the specific technical skills required for each role and specific management competencies were defined and discussed with the managers.

The new process is currently being piloted with probationers and will be adjusted, where appropriate, to ensure its relevance and usefulness over the coming months and years. The process has already provided the Directors with a structure for reviewing pay against performance, taking into account internal relativities, historical anomalies and performance and Aspire has also been able to assist with external rates for comparisons. There is also now a performance improvement process in place so that employees and managers can understand, and focus on, the attitudes, behaviours and technical skills which are fundamental to their, and the company’s, future success.

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