Aspire Cambridge CV Writing Service based in Cambridge

Our CV Writing Service has proved a hit with job seekers in Cambridgeshire, as candidates look to gain the upper hand in a competitive job market. With three different packages, Basic, Recommended and Professional; we have a CV Writing Service that can suit your budget and requirements.

Whether you’ve just left university and need a basic CV, or you are a senior executive that needs to showcase your experience effectively, we can provide a CV Writing Service to a range of Cambridge professionals. Furthermore, we can write your LinkedIn profile for you and compliment your CV with a Cover Letter.

Who delivers the CV Writing Service?

Samantha Beasley (Sam for short!) is our Operations Manager at Aspire Cambridge. She is also an experienced recruitment consultant, with over 7 years of dealing with, viewing and editing CV’s.

“Perfect CV in all aspects, very happy with dealing with Sam.” – 5* review

“Excellent package. Extremely happy, I received a professional CV.” – 5* review

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Why is my CV so important?

Surveys suggest as many as a quarter of job seekers deviate from the truth on their CV. The common distortions include bogus or exaggerated qualifications, changing the dates of employment to hide career gaps, suggestion of temporary or contract employment to hide dismissal and exaggerating the pay received in a previous job. Getting a job, especially in Cambridge, can be highly stressful and candidates feel pressure to enhance their achievements to present themselves in the most favourable light.

Every job-hunter faces the challenge of presenting their qualifications and past experience with as positive a gloss as possible. However, while exaggeration is widespread and generally accepted, it is unwise to resort to outright lies. This is not merely moral advice, it is also expedient. Outright lies such as qualifications or invented jobs will work against you. At best, the cost of lying to future employers is the embarrassment of being found out. At worst, it can cost you the job. Under the terms of the contract of employment, prospective employees are required to tell the truth.

A CV acts as a personal history form and if a job offer is made on the basis of information contained in a CV that the employer believes to be correct, then the employer is legally entitled to withdraw the job offer if they discover the CV contains false information.