Aspire Cambridge secure HR contract with a Cambridge based engineering firm.

The Human Resources team at Aspire Cambridge have been busy recently, securing another outsourced HR Services contract with an engineering firm based in Cambridge.

By offering outsourced HR services, we are able to provide a reliable and thorough HR service for the company, without their need to hire a permanent HR Manager. Furthermore, through the flexibility Aspire Cambridge offer, it was decided as part of the contract that one of our HR experts will be onsite for the client every Monday.

The outsourced HR services contract includes the following HR areas:

  • Proposal – Action plans and recommendations
  • Definition and report for competencies
  • Spreadsheet analysis and report
  • Drafting of probationary period forms, letters and performance review forms
  • Supply of information sheets covering both informal and formal discipline
  • Review of probationers’ job and person profiles
  • Review of first aid payments info and warehouse managers pay

Our outsourced HR services are delivered by professional, industry-accredited HR consultants. This ensures that all HR topics can be addressed expertly, efficiently and with flexibility.

By offering a range of HR services and being flexible, we work with our clients to establish the best outsourced HR services contract that suits their company and their requirements.

Outsourced HR Services
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Do I need outsourced HR Services?

We recently wrote an article on “Top 12 HR Your Company Needs To Know“, so this is a good place to start to see if your company requires outsourced HR services.

Quite often, companies leave it until they are at their ‘wits-end’ with HR, before dealing with important HR issues. This can be risky, as employers are susceptible to liability with HR and employment law.

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