Video interviewing

Face to face interviews are the traditional, standard method of meeting a candidate for a job to see if they are suited to a position. But can businesses save time and money by conducting these interviews by video instead?

A recent study by Foosle has discovered that this may be the case. Up to a third of employers surveyed suggested that they are ‘tech savvy’ and use video technology such as FaceTime and Skype. However, over half of those surveyed admitted to never using video technology for interviewing.

The overall consensus from the study was that businesses could be wasting time and money on unnecessary face-to-face interviews that could be conducted by video. It was also found that the main stumbling block for moving forward with video interviewing, was the presumption that it is ‘future technology’.

In fact, it is now a viable option for recruitment agencies and employers, especially when conducting first interviews with candidates from a different country. Furthermore, showing competency with technology is beneficial for both the candidate and employer/ recruiter.

Other statistics from the research covering 1000 businesses showed that up to two thirds of applicants were rejected after their first face to face interview, with 45% simply admitting to not considering video interviewing as a viable option.

With recruitment for candidates covering wider areas, the need for flexibility and efficiency is becoming more and more apparent. Video technology enables businesses to meet with a greater selection of candidates, whilst using fewer resources such as time and money.

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