According to new research, 60% of workers fail to meet job requirements within the first two years of employment.

The survey, commissioned by a leading recruitment technology company, showed that almost 54% of employers admitted to hiring job seekers prematurely, simply because they weren’t able to source a suitable candidate that met their job specification.

It was found that 60% of workers failing to meet job requirements within the first two years of employment.

Furthermore, half of employers were compromising on the quality of candidates as their existing hiring process was too long. From the survey, conducted by The Search Party; an employer confessed to hiring an individual on the basis that they desperately needed employees – even though they knew the person was lying about their experience.

Moreover, the research also revealed that just under half of the recruitment processes took more than two months to complete the hiring process.

This quite clearly indicates the importance of having an efficient recruitment process in place, with the best way to ensure the correct candidate is selected is to use an experience recruitment provider.

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