According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), full-time workers spend on average around 39.1 hours per week at work with part-time workers around 18.1 hours per week.

Spending so much time in the work place contributes hugely to our happiness and well-being.

We’ve given our top tips on staying happy at work below.

  • Keep personal issues to yourself
  • Stay healthy: eat well, drink lots of water and move around
  • Make sure you have some personal space
  • Give yourself a reward
  • Don’t try and change your coworkers
  • Take a breather if you need it
  • Focus on the positives
  • Do something you love every day
  • Ask for feedback frequently

Most importantly, choose to be happy at work! Happiness is largely a choice and by thinking positively and avoiding negativity, you can choose to be happy. It sounds simple, but your choices at work largely define your experience. Furthermore, having an effective daily routine is a top tip for staying happy at work.

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