As a temporary worker, you should still receive the same treatment and rights as a permanent worker. Although the conditions of the employment differ between temporary and permanent positions, there are still terms of employment for temporary workers.

Recruitment agencies must give you written terms of employment before looking for work for you. These should include:

  • Whether you are employed under a contract for services or a contract of employment
  • Your notice period
  • Details of your pay
  • Your holiday entitlement

An agency can’t change your terms and conditions without telling you. If you agree to changes, you must be given a new document with the full details of the changes and when they apply. It is a common misconception that there is no need for terms of employment for temporary workers – this is wrong!

Furthermore, an agency cannot give information about you to any third parties (including current employers) without your permission – except for legal purposes or to a professional body to which you belong.

Workers under the age of 18

If you are under 18 and expected to work during school hours, it is essential that the recruitment agency checks with your local careers service  that you have received advice. If the agency is in charge of arranging a job position abroad, they must have written consent from your parent or guardian.

When an agency offers you a job with a company, they should tell you:

  • Your start date
  • The likely length of the work
  • The type of work
  • About any expenses that may be payable
  • The location
  • Your hours
  • About any health and safety risks, and steps the hirer has taken to control these risks
  • About any experience, training or qualifications needed for the role

As a temporary worker or a worker under the age of 18, do you have concerns about terms of employment? At Aspire Cambridge, we are a professional recruitment provider that has over 10 years of experience providing employment solutions for a range of demographics. Furthermore, we work closely with our HR department to ensure that we are adhering to Employment Law at all times.


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