A recent survey conducted by the APSCo (the trade body representing the interests of the UK Professional Staffing industry) has shown that the number of temporary and contract workers is continuing to expand.

The data collected by APSCo also revealed that organisations are showing no signs of reducing their use of contract and temporary staff. Across all professional sectors, placements have increased by 10%, with vacancies rising 9%.

These statistics indicate not only a reliance on contingent staffing to plug skills gaps in certain sectors, but also the increased use of contractors as a matter of course in today’s flexible employment market.

Other statistics generated from the report:

  • Permanent placements by recruitment firms up 33% year-on-year while vacancies increase by 18%
  • Finance and engineering sectors lead the way, up 30% and 41% respectively
  • Recruitment firms make 10% more temporary and contract placements year-on-year
  • Salaries mirror sector growth with yearly increases for finance and engineering professionals up 7% and 2% respectively

Jobs, business optimism and economic output have all reached new record highs this month according to the survey data which was validated by Staffing Industry Analysts.

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