Whether you’re a job seeker or a company looking to fill a vacancy, don’t underestimate the effectiveness of  using a recruitment agency!

Recruitment agencies are no longer exclusively for the largest corporations – if you’re an employer in need of finding the perfect candidate for your position, it’s worth working with a recruitment provider like Aspire Cambridge to benefit from skills, networks and ability to pinpoint the best candidates for the position.

Below are 5 common misconceptions we often encounter; myths of using a recruitment agency.

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The belief that employers are better placed to recruit

Of course, it is possible for employers to recruit candidates – anyone can employee a candidate. However by using a recruitment provider, you can: avoid tunnel vision, tap in to new networks, use their expertise to recruit more efficiently, find specialised skills and candidates.

Even large corporations with HR departments use recruitment agencies, for these very reasons.

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The myth that a recruitment agency doesn’t have the required knowledge

This is a very common misconception, for both employers and candidates. Quite often recruitment agencies do specialise in a particular field, however this does not mean that a recruiter is unable to source and place candidates for a variety of unique positions.

Read more about some of the niche markets Aspire Cambridge have recruited for here.

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Agencies take too much commission

As with any industry, you pay for the service you receive. Although it is more and more common for smaller, local businesses to turn to recruitment agencies for assistance with recruitment, for both temporary and permanent work. After completing a cost- benefit analysis; the time it takes to source a long- term, talented candidate is quite often worth the commission.

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Recruiters don’t have to do much work

This one is a painful one for recruiters, as it is a complete myth! Recruitment consultants work long hours sourcing candidates, arranging interviews, dealing with paperwork and contently changing environments. Situations occur where candidates miss interviews, employers change their mind on job specs, etc. – where the recruiter has to adapt and ensure results are still delivered that benefit both candidates, the employer and the recruitment agency.

Furthermore, temporary worker contracts are on a day by day basis, with recruiters occasionally having to work overtime to arrange temporary placements which can be arranged at very short notice.

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Not enough time to work with an external agency

Our aim as the recruitment provider is to take away the extra work of looking for a new employee for your company and by using our expertise to ensure we find the perfect candidate. A recruiter is more likely to safe you time, and provide better results.

Furthermore, recruitment agencies can help streamline the process, such as pre-screening candidates and dealing with paperwork.


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