Research into maternity and paternity benefits has revealed that organisations in the UK differ hugely when it comes to the length and level of pay offered to staff.

The duration of enhanced pay varies from 3 weeks to 52 weeks, showing disparity between UK organisations and their maternity and paternity benefits.

The study, conducted by My Family Care, found a large variation in the length of enhanced pay for parental leave, with a quarter of organisations reported to only offer statutory maternity pay. This is worth 90% of a worker’s salary for six weeks (followed by 33 weeks at £138) with 16% offered only statutory paternity pay. There was a high degree of overlap between the organisations surveyed.

Firms with more than 5,000 employees told the survey that they provided enhanced maternity pay, with the majority of these offering enhanced pay for new fathers as well. Furthermore, results showed that there is little consistency in parental benefits by sector.

Several companies also reported that they structure their maternity pay to include back to work bonuses.

The survey said it had conducted the study after HR managers and professionals expressed an interest in gaining greater knowledge of how competitive their maternity and paternity benefits were.

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