cycle to work scheme
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In the run up to the Tour de France, we thought it would be a good opportunity to refer to the benefits a Cycle To Work scheme can bring to staff motivation and productivity in your workforce.

Boosting staff productivity is a key aspect of Human Resources and is important to employers. Boosting morale through schemes like Cycle To Work are a benefit to not just employees but the company as a whole.

Furthermore, the Cycle To Work scheme, first introduced in 1999 by the government, helps organisations build a more healthy and engaged workforce.

Where can I find more information about the Cycle To Work scheme?

The Businesscycle website is a good place to start, with plenty of information to assist employers in creating a positive environment where staff are encouraged to commute to work by bike.

The website provides information to companies on all areas of cycling, including cycle safety, cycle training and ways to make the mode of transport more affordable for employees through the government supported Cycle to Work scheme. is the official government website where you can get your scheme started. Through this website, you (the employer) enrolls onto the Cycle To Work scheme. Once registered, your organisation will receive a code, which employees can use to purchase a new bike (tax free from selected retailers).

What is the purpose of the Cycle To Work scheme?

This initiative is a tax-exempt salary sacrifice scheme, which sees employers loan staff the funds to purchase a bike and cycling equipment at up to a 42% discount. The government scheme, in partnership with Cycle to Work Alliance, is primarily aimed at reducing congestion in towns and cities and promoting health benefits of cycling.

From a HR perspective, the Cycle To Work scheme brings the following benefits:

  • Increase productivity and engagement in the workforce
  • Help employees become more active and healthy
  • Boost morale and positivity in the workplace

Furthermore, Having the Cycle To Work scheme is an attractive benefit for prospective talent acquisition for your business.

If you would like more advice on Cycle To Work and other HR related benefits you can bring to your organisation and workforce; call our HR team today on 01223 855441.