25% of workers pulling a sickie on return to work from a holiday

A recent survey conducted by Travelex has shown that up to one in four staff are skiving off work after a holiday. These workers were pulling a fake sick day on their first day back from holiday.

The findings, from currency conversion company Travelex, also showed a similar number of staff are spending lunch hours day dreaming about their next holiday escape away from the office.

The survey included 2,000 adult employees who had returned from holiday. Many revealed that they were struggling with concentration on their return to work, with almost 50%  adding that they were distracted and forgetful at work after their lunch break.

On the other hand, 3 in 10 employees stated that they were often annoyed by workers returning  to work yet still in ‘holiday mode’.

However, the findings also revealed that once on a hotel break, 60% of employees felt more relaxed and were able to switch off from work.

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