Being a manager is an important position in any business and it can be hard to become a better manager. We understand this at Aspire Cambridge, and have written a guide with our top 5 strategies to become a better manager.

Read our top 5 strategies to become a better manager below. For a more detailed strategy, please get in touch with us where our HR Consultants can discuss your HR Management structure, processes and requirements in more detail.
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Effectively manage your team, not individuals

Managers are responsible for the teams output, which is generated by individuals. Therefore a great manager needs the ability and skills to manage individuals as well as the dynamics of the team. By recognizing individual strengths and skills gaps through assessments and performance reviews, you can pair team members up with complementary to promote teamwork and project success – as well as skills to provide learning opportunities.
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Play to your strengths

How well you understand your own strengths and weaknesses can really help you to become a better manager. Using your experience and knowledge to coach your team will help them grow and learn new skills. Furthermore, by knowing your strengths you can work with your team’s abilities more effectively. Essentially meaning you can tailor your feedback and approach to make it more relevant and useful for them.
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Talk Less and listen more

By talking with your team individually, you can often gain a clearer understanding of our own goals, ambitions and weaknesses. Why not try talking less and listening more at employees at review time. You’ll get far more useful information by open-end prompting as opposed to discussing your thoughts. With some people, especially introverts, it may mean an occasional awkward silence, but be patient and give them a chance.
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Be positive and inspirational

We all have our professional strengths and weaknesses, but be positive and focusing on the strengths of the employee. At the same time, find ways for them to develop skills that need improving. Encourage them to find ways to develop that skill and work towards goals which aim to turn what was a weakness into an area of growth. The most successful organizations are able to inspire their employees and recognize achievements.
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Frequently give employees feedback

Acknowledging achievements is important and giving feedback frequently is easy! Giving real time feedback can be more effective rather than at 6 month reviews. Even public feedback can be appropriate in some cases, just don’t criticize the person (it’s about the action). Above all, be honest if you want your feedback to be received and implemented successfully.

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