The job market has become hugely competitive, especially for business professionals, with the importance of making your CV stand out becoming a vital component in securing a new position. Employers have so many CV’s landing on their desk that they skim read to shortlist the best; using a professional CV writing service helps you stand our from the crows.

We’ve taken a detailed look into the benefits of using a professional CV Writing Service and listed our top 10 reasons below.

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Looks Matter

You could be the most qualified and experienced person for a role, but if your CV is written on pink paper with hearts above the ‘i’s’ then it doesn’t look professional and recruiters will turn it away. CV experts know what recruiters first impressions of a CV are – they can make yours stand out by being professional and well formatted.

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An Objective Perspective

It is extremely hard to name your strengths. People are automatically better at naming shortcomings, but this will not get your application far! By using a professional CV writing service, the CV expert can talk with you and deliver an unbiased, objective approach, focusing on your strengths to put you in the best possible position for a job vacancy.

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Identifying Your Values

You may feel undervalued by your current manager, which is why you are looking for a new position. Potentially, you may feel as though you have brought little value to your position, but this isn’t the case. A professional CV writing service unlocks your skills, talents and potential onto your CV, where a new employer can see your value.

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Expert Knowledge

Like any specialist trade, recruitment experts excel in their industry with knowledge and experience. Make the most of these experts, as you would a mechanic when your car needs fixing, to ensure a professional job is being done and your CV can be used to its potential.

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Save Time

How long would it take you to redo your CV from scratch? Will it be the best it can after spending a couple of hours working on it? Using a professional CV writing service ensures you can focus your time on applying for jobs and not haivng to worry about your CV.

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Insider Feedback

By using a professional CV writing service, you are tapping in to insider feedback of the industry. CV experts have seen a lot of CV’s and job applications, and know exactly what employers are looking for in a CV.

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Up To Date CV

The last time you applied for a job may well have been over 10 years ago. Things have changed since then, both with your experience and skills, and industry trends. A professional CV that is up to date will give your job application a boost.

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Long Term Solution

Although a professional CV writing service may seem an unnecessary expense in the short term; having a professional CV is a long term investment. You have the reassurance of knowing that you have a good CV, which will give you the best chance of landing the next big job opportunity.

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Speak To A Professional

It’s not easy talking about your future and career plans with family and friends as you are guaranteed to receive only subjective feedback. By using a professional CV writing service and speaking to an expert, you can be sure to receive an objective, professional opinion specific to your situation and the job market.

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Yours To Keep

Once you have invested in a new, professional CV – it’s yours to keep! Use it wisely and don’t forget to keep it up to date.

Aspire Cambridge can provide expert CV writing services to suit your requirements. To find out more about our professional CV writing service and our packages, please contact Sam today by calling 01223 855441.